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The Time and Attendance system - webVisitor

Workforce planning, management of job calendars / absences / breaks / overtime / holidays, approval, automatic and manual attendance processing until results / reports / exports

Facts - webVisitor

Development start - 1995

ZPAD plus


Sold licenses

First client "Geodetic and Cartographic Office, Bratislava, Slovakia - 1997"


Technology milestones

I. File database (dbf)
II. SQL database, client/server
III. Open source technology, thin client


Separate modules

Workforce planning, system configuration, users, access rights, etc.


Language versions

The system is maintained in Slovak, Czech, Russian and English languages

3 x Top


Intuitive graphical user interface - traffic lights

Green color - All in right
Red - Error
Blue - Recalculate

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Processing - repairs

Employee Monthly Attendance Card (Clock-In, Clock-Out, Daily Balances, Break types, Notes, Summaries)
Instant presence, search / filter status



Overtime management - balances

Standard - Overtime can be accumulated and transferred from month to month, and consequently take spare time or pay over wages


Benefits - Management


Immediate presence

Anytime and anywhere


Immediate overview

An overview of the working time balance for the whole company and individually for the employee


New corporate culture

Transparent generating data (Biometric registration: Clock-In, Clock-Out, Breaks) punching will allow unambiguous and objective calculation hours worked in terms of shifts planning


Limiting fraud

Eliminate the risks of employee buddy punching or time fraud


Elimination of unauthorized absences

Time off (breaks) planning - "Request - Approval" (Holidays, Spare time, etc.) = Clear Message
Calendar - Check for absenteeism or injury absenteeism, focusing on unexplained, unplanned or excessive absences


Reduces administration time and costs

Unique "traffic lights - Green / Red" system makes it easier and faster for the attendance system administrator to evaluate employees' monthly attendance


Reduces costs

Eliminate costs associated with paper timesheets


More accurate reporting of work

The more precisely the inputs, the more accurate the outputs will be

Benefits - Human Resources


Intuitive process

Intuitive process of attendance data repair - traffic lights - green correct / red incorrect data


Simple repair procedure

Simple Repair Procedure - "Take and Drop"


Immediate overview

Immediate overview of the current working time balance


Reduce total payroll processing time

Attendance system administrator only deals with problematic events (Red color), events marked with Green color have been automatically evaluated as correct, i.e. fully comply with the set attendance rules


Eliminates errors

Eliminates errors for payroll systems


Save time

Reduces overall payroll time

Benefits - IT departments


Native cloud solution

You only need INTERNET connection + independent client stations (Linux, Windows, Apple, Android)


Simple implementation and configuration process

Most attendance rules have already been tested in practice (more than 700 installations), i.e. that in the configuration process only the specificities of the client are implemented


With a native cloud installation - we do IT infrastructure management

Patches, downloads, updates, re-configurations


High security

Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol, in short HTTPS


Available anytime

Available all the time - 24 x 7, 365 days a year

Benefits - Employees


Quick and clear punching

Simple, fast, transparent and accurate time punching (Clock-In / Clock-Out / Breaks)


Multiple punching methods

Dedicated Biometric / RFID Readers
User terminal equipment (PC / laptops / Tablets / Smartphones)


Self-service terminal

Current balance (rest) to Monthly Scheduled Balance (Example + 7.24 hours or -11.23 hours)
Current remaining vacation days (example +21 days)


  • Modular solution
  • Access rights definition
  • Export of attendance data to many payroll systems
  • Definition and planning various breaks types
  • Automatic generation of defined breaks (lunch, spare time, etc.)
  • High flexibility and system parametrization
  • Tracking of overtimes, working-hours balance, holiday, night shifts, etc.
  • Definition from one to four-shift operations, various working periods (fix/flexible/12-hours, etc.)
  • Various types of printed reports
  • Functions of fast searching, sorting, filtering
  • Graphical user friendly interface
  • Integration with Access Control system webPatrol

Available modules

 *Via virtual readers sc webReader - PC / laptops / Tablets / Smart phones
 * Via dedicated readers: biometric and RFID readers

Auto-generate - Monthly calendar: working days, state holidays (regional setting), Saturday, Sunday

 * Individual planning of working shifts, such as copying to others, the system of days booked, related working balance: daily, monthly, etc.
* The option of automatically generating work schedules according to different patterns (based on the type of days, repeating the cycle, etc.)
* Ability to define individual working shifts according attendance days and its reflection into work calendar

* Planning time off (holidays, compensatory time off, business trips, sickness, etc.) on the readers, smartphones, notebooks or by work calendars
* Additional enter of the time off on the reader, when returning after a few days - enter the return of a particular time off - the system automatically generates an time off
* Calendar - integrity controlling absences due to illness or injury with an emphasis on controlling unexplained, unscheduled or excessive absenteeism

* Standard - overtime can be accumulated and transferred from month to month, draw as compensatory time off or reimbursed through wage
* Flexi regime/account - planning, tracking and evaluate employee attendance according current needs of workforce

Current time balance to scheduling of work (on the screen of reader, example +7,24 hours or –11,23 hours)
Current number of holiday days (example +21 days)

* Employee Monthly Attendance Card - Clock-In, Clock-Out, Daily Balances, Time off types, Notes, Summaries
* Immediate presence - search / filter past presence status
* Overview of working hours worked - totally recognized + balance for employee, bulk for department or whole company