Biometric signature software SignoSign/2

SignoSign/2 is the second generation to the software solution for a media interruption-free work flow. SignoSign inserts a digital handwritten signature directly into an electronic document using signature pad or tablet. SignoSign realizes the workflow without a disruption of media by means of a true business process optimization. Forget about cost-intensive steps like printing, scanning, faxing, paper logistics or manual archiving. Documents don't have to be printed just for the sake of the signature, they are signed on the screen.

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SignoSign and signature pad Omega
SignoSign and signature pad Omega
Principle of biometric signature
Principle of biometric signature
TÜV certificate
TÜV certificate


  • SignoSign/2 can be used:
    • to display, navigate and edit PDF-documents
    • to sign PDF-documents electronically
    • for completing and storing PDF-forms
    • for creating signature fields
    • for automatic completion of form fields
  • Documents may be verified anywhere in the world
  • Fraud - resistant
  • With the SignoSign/2 you can produce legal "advancend electronic signatures" according the directive EU 93/1999. It means an electronic signature which meets the following requirements:
    • it is uniquely linked to the signatory
    • it is capable of identifying the signatory
    • it is created using means that the signatory can maintain under his sole control
    • it is linked to the data to which it relates in such a manner that any subsequent change of the data is detectable
  • As simple as on paper
  • Multiple signatures in one document in different places at different times
  • Comprehensive workflow- management
  • Offline and online
  • Fully automatic indication of the documents for archiving


  • SignoSign/2 stores essential information on the signature like variation in time, rhythm, characteristics of acceleration and much more safely in the document itself, not just the image of the signature for capability of proof. Retroactive manipulation of the document is recognized reliably and the signature itself cannot be misused. Thus, the signature is more secure than an original signature on paper. Attested by certificate.
  • The signatures themselves are inserted into the correct position automatically, even in dynamic forms. For adding supplemental information to the PDF, the integrated PDF- form editor supports you. After signing, the documents may be archived, sent, ... fully automatically.
  • Index information (Number of delivery note, account number, contract number, etc.) for further processing is automatically extracted from the document and facilitates the process of subsequent processing. The operator themselves is guided through the program safely, thus wrong operation can be excluded. The program may be configured simply and intuitively. You will search for complicated macros in vain here, while the range of activities beats any other product. A description of services and technical documentation is available sperately.
  • In case your application doesn't provide a PDF, we recommend signotec PDF-Creator, which is included in delivery. With this software you may generate a document from any Windows-application that ought to be processed and signed with SignoSign/2. Applications that precede in the process chain thus don't have to generate a pdf or tiff.
  • No Acrobat modules are required for PDF file display and signature! PDF forms can be filled in and saved with SignoSign/2.

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